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This section allows you to view videos or read letters about what our patients are saying.  We hope you find the information informative.  Should you have any questions email us.


I was amazed to find that the cause of my dizziness was caused by such a small and overlooked part of my spine.  I had visited numerous doctors in the past with all of the test results coming back saying I was suffering from anxiety attacks.  There was a feeling inside of me which was telling me that this was not really the cause.  It must have been divine intervention which brought me to your web page and the solution to my problem.  I would like to thank you for all you have done for me.  It's amazing to think such a small and painless adjustment could help me feel better. While I know this is an ongoing process, I felt it important to let you know how much you have really helped.  I look forward to the continued improvement in my health.



~~Thanks Dr. Rob Gucciardo 
In giving thanks to God, I share my testimony of the wonderful breakthrough in my health situation that I experienced from my coming in contact with Dr. Rob Gucciardo and his staff members Sarah & Elaine.

I am now 63 years old & by the beginning of September 2014 I was to the point of severe pain in both knees, upper back, lower back & right heel. There was constant fighting off stubborn sinus inflammation. This is the end product of many years of diagnosis from childhood to present that led to a few surgical operations & medications – Arnold Chiari Malformation listed as congenital, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, arthritis, bursitis, inflammations etc….. Bottom line is to expect pain, disability & medication for the rest of life.

I remained steadfast in prayer & gradually turned to natural remedies out of pocket because my benefit plan would not support ‘alternative natural’ solutions. I started gaining information about the disastrous effects of pharmaceuticals & started receiving some relief, but by 2014 – 14 years after the last major surgery, I was in desperate need of accurate knowledge & physical solutions.

In the mean time, the medical doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory to deal with both the pain & the inflammation. This had mild impact if any, most of the times. The chiropractor offered massage sessions which was the only real temporary relief, hot & cold treatments & electrical charges.

I was on a visit to New York when a recent acquaintance advised me to set an appointment to see Dr. Rob. After a couple of days I called the office. Everything changed after the 1st call.

Elaine offered me such a warm welcome on the phone. My trust level turned on.  Sarah picked up on this approach in completing the intake information. Her attitude erased all of my fears & hesitation. There were a couple other associates in the office that were just as accommodating though I had no contact with them. Just a very understanding, respectful & caring atmosphere packaged in a high level of professionalism. Indeed, a breath of fresh air.

Dr. Rob then entered the picture & without much ado shared his prognosis & outlined his recommendation. It was WOW!!! I was also presented with documentation outlining the analysis, conclusion & recommendation along with pictures & diagrams. I was able to ask questions & received answers. He also prayed with me before the 1st treatment. I am sure I am healed from that one prayer. I was not hurried out. After so many years I really appreciated Dr. Rob’s time & patience in speaking to me at my level of understanding.

It took me 2 days to recover from the truth that I received. All the surgeries could have been avoided. All of the symptoms that led to the surgeries were the same symptoms of displaced cervical vertebrae. It was mind altering. Truly, we are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. I entered into agreement with his recommendations. My situation is of a complex nature that is being peeled off layer by layer. I know that I have complete recovery based on the information & the applications to which I have been exposed. My body is going through the retracing to heal itself. I am truly amazed & very grateful to God for Dr Rob & his staff.

I am also very interested in the nutritional component of this practice. I know I could benefit tremendously. This may yet be for another visit to New York.

To those of you who are suffering with what appears to be medical infirmities, if you are tired of pain & have been given no hope for a healthy future, please do yourself the greatest favor & go see Dr. Rob. You will get truth & understanding & a fresh dose of hope.
God Bless you all & may He continue to bless you with His presence to establish our healing as we come through your doors. Success in abundance as you go forth. Thanks again. Love you all



Listen and watch this vertigo success story.  This is a regular occurrence in our office.  Will you be the next success story.

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